Salesforce CRM: A Comprehensive Guide to Salesforce Editions

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According to Salesforce’s State of the Connected Customer report, 88% of customers say that a company’s experience is equally important as its products or services. And, to provide this personalization experience, having the right customer relationship software (CRM) is crucial. Here, Salesforce is considered as the best CRM offering a comprehensive set of tools for a 360-degree view of customers. 

This platform helps sales representatives and service teams optimize deals and boost profitability, leading to better customer relations. Salesforce helps companies stay competitive and enhance their overall operational productivity.

Introduction to Salesforce CRM

Every year, U.S. businesses lose around $3 trillion due to data errors and incorrect information. Thus, powerful tools like Salesforce help companies automate their business processes and increase their productivity. Customer relationship management also known as CRM is a popular technology that helps manage your company’s interaction with present and potential customers.

Salesforce CRM is a popular cloud-based software solution that is specially designed to manage and streamline all the company’s interactions with current and potential customers. Salesforce comes with a wide range of tools and features like customer service, sales automation, analytics, marketing automation, application development and much more.

Choosing the Right Salesforce Edition for Your Company Size

Salesforces comes with multiple CRM editions including Starter, Essentials, Pro Suite, Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited and Developer. Every edition is specially designed for fulfilling your business needs. It focuses on matching all the operational requirements helping to maximize your business’s scalability.

But, to make out the most of Salesforce you need to choose the correct edition of CRM that fits best for your business needs. So, in the following section, here’s a comparison of all the Salesforce editions helping you to decide which one is best for you.

Starter Edition

Salesforce starter edition is specially developed for businesses looking for simplified setup and onboarding tools. It offers a comprehensive set of tools that includes sales, service and marketing functionality. This integration allows businesses to improve their overall productivity across multiple departments which makes it easier for efficiently managing and developing customer relationships.

Salesforce Essentials

The starter edition was developed for businesses that have just started using Salesforce CRM or experimenting with it to boost their sales and service productivity. It comes with a setup assistant and administration tools which allows businesses to customize their deployment. This provides an easy and effective approach to managing customer relationships from day one.

Pro Suite

Salesforce Pro Suite is for businesses who are looking for flexibility, automation and light integrations with their CRM but also require some amazing out-of-the-box tools to quickly get started. It has several key features across sales, services and marketing along with in-app guidance which guides the users to efficiently use it. This ensures that the businesses can leverage the CRM to its full potential and enhance their overall operations.

Professional Edition

Salesforce Professional Edition is for businesses that require full-featured CRM functionality. This edition is simple, easy to customize, has seamless integration and has administration tools. It is an ideal tool for small and midsize businesses that are looking to enhance their customer relationship management.

Enterprise Edition

As the name suggests, the Salesforce Enterprise edition is for fulfilling the requirements of large-size businesses. It provides advanced customization and administration tools to help in large-size deployments. It also offers access to the Salesforce API allowing businesses to seamlessly integrate with the back-office systems, making it a comprehensive solution for managing extensive customer data and interactions.

Unlimited Edition

Salesforce Unlimited Edition comes with an incredible lightning platform that maximizes your business success by making it available across enterprises. It offers a completely new level of platform with incredible functionality for managing and sharing information on demand.

This edition has all the features and functionalities available in the Enterprise edition. Additionally, it comes with premier support, full mobile access, unlimited custom application, increased storage limited and additional features that help businesses to scale and customize their CRM depending on their specific needs.

Developer Edition

The Salesforce Developer edition provides  access to the lightning platform and API. This allows developers to seamlessly integrate Salesforce along with other applications and let them to develop  new sets of tools and applications. It also comes with many features that are available in the Enterprise edition, making it an excellent choice for developers who are looking for innovation and expanding Salesforce’s capabilities.

Salient Features of Salesforce CRM

Salesforce comes with an extended set of features covering all aspects of businesses such as lead management, email integration and much more. In the following section, we will discuss the salient features of salesforce.

Account and Contact Management

Salesforce comes with an account and contact management feature allowing the customers to get all the details. It also includes the key contacts, activity history of each customer, communications done with customers and much more. In simple terms, it contains all the details done with the customer.

Sales Collaboration

In Salesforce the sales collaboration feature allows the sales team to efficiently collaborate with the robust social tools available in it. It also helps to find the sales expert, sharing competitive data among the team and much more. Thus, allowing the sales team to work together on numerous sales opportunities and check progress from anywhere.

Real-Time Reports and Dashboard

The more the data, the better the need for an organized way of reporting. Salesforce CRM gives a complete and single-view insight of customer information giving a shot in the arm in performance-tracking capabilities. Reports generation becomes automatic with real-time analytics. 

Salesforce provides businesses with real-time reports and dashboards, helping them to create sales forecasting reports without being dependent on the IT team.

To Have All Customer Data at One Place 

Physical store visits or even websites are no longer the only sources of customer data. Customers are interacting with businesses via social media, customer care numbers, third-party vendors, paid/unpaid advertising campaigns, and more. 

Do you really think you can manage all that enormous data in a manual way, or by spreadsheet, or by any general purpose software? No, you need software like Salesforce for that purpose. 

Right Customer Targeting

Experts emphasize that a business should treat every customer differently through targeted information like age, gender, demography, preference, past records, etc. CRM stores all you need for precise and personalized targeting. 

In this virtually connected world, following up with the leads is key. 

Without CRM, it is hard to schedule interactions across touchpoints and keep track of all.  With CRM, departments like sales, marketing, customer services, and others can easily find information and crack the deal. CRM software like Salesforce helps in making menial tasks automated and frees up employees. It also shows a dashboard to know how a business process is functioning along with the drawbacks requiring improvement.

Why is Salesforce Consulting Important?

1. The Salesforce consultant ensures that businesses are making the most out of their platform. Salesforce consulting services target at supporting organizations’ sales, marketing, and customer service needs. They apply CRM consulting experience for expected results. 

2. A Salesforce CRM consultant uses the knowledge of both the platform and the latest business practices that is combined with excellent communication skills. 

3. A Salesforce consultant supports the implementation of new management software in your company towards any biggest challenges. When you choose a reliable Salesforce CRM consultant such as Wakencode, the transition of information becomes significantly easier helping the company/team get through this process smoothly.

4. The consultant helps companies in multiple professional services, and across industries like manufacturing, finance, IT, retail, and banking. 

5. Once, Salesforce CRM software is fully implemented, businesses get great help in decision-making ability that strives for growth. They also provide guidance to identify new opportunities, drive marketing campaigns, and manage and utilize customer data that improves communications.

6. To ensure that your team’s move to a new CRM platform goes well, you should hire a Salesforce expert. As a result of the improved efficiency, your organization will save money on operating expenditures. The team gains a greater understanding of CRM KPIs and customer satisfaction, as well as the ability to adapt to the ever-changing business environment.

Companies have become heavily reliant on the Salesforce CRM Consulting services as they help to determine their specific needs and objectives. Salesforce Consultants guide in analyzing, migration, training & support. 

The consultants work together to make sure that your company’s unique applications are effective. A consultant has the knowledge and experience to discern between several software options and come to a clear conclusion on which one is ideal for your situation.

With the help of a Salesforce expert, large amounts of data may be transferred from an outdated program or integrated into a CRM system with ERP software in a way that avoids data loss. They are a valuable resource for the team, helping them to get familiar with the new CRM system and providing ongoing guidance as they do so.


Choosing the appropriate CRM software is difficult. However, Salesforce can assist you and greatly improve your business processes. It is achieved by simplifying customer interactions and increasing overall efficiency. Whether you are a startup, a small business, or an enterprise, Salesforce provides many versions geared to fit all your business goals. With a Salesforce partner like Wakencode and the right strategy you can enjoy all the perks and expand your business.

Choosing the top Salesforce CRM Consulting is now essential if you want to take a sharp turn in the direction of your company’s future and contribute to its expansion and progress. The correct CRM and experienced consultant may accelerate the growth of the company by producing unexpected yet outstanding outcomes.

If you’re looking for a Salesforce CRM consulting partner? Wakencode can help you. With us as a Salesforce consultant, clients get one-of-a-kind knowledge across all Salesforce products, sectors, and capabilities.

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