As leaders of Wakencode Technologies, we are honored to share this year’s update, reflecting on our ongoing commitment to Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion (DEI) within the IT & Software Consulting Service industry.

In the current global climate, we acknowledge the numerous challenges faced by our communities. Many of us are navigating profound hardships while continuing to contribute professionally. Our dedication to opposing all forms of discrimination and promoting equality remains steadfast. This commitment to DEI is integral to our identity and operations.

At Wakencode Technologies, DEI is not just a policy or an initiative – it’s embedded in our culture. It’s a core value that drives our innovation and leadership. Our belief that the business of business is to make the world a better place has always guided us. We understand that promoting diversity and inclusion not only benefits society but also enhances our company’s success. In these transformative times for technology and society, the importance of diverse perspectives and inclusive practices cannot be overstated. As Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to impact every aspect of our lives, it is crucial to incorporate marginalized viewpoints to shape a future that benefits everyone.

Promoting Disability Inclusion

This year, we place a special emphasis on disability inclusion, inspired by the principles of Disability Employment Awareness Month (DEAM). People with disabilities face numerous barriers in the job market, leading to lower employment rates and higher unemployment compared to those without disabilities. We are committed to making Wakencode Technologies an accessible and inclusive workplace for all.

Embedding Accessibility in Hiring

We ensure our job postings are clear, concise, and accessible to everyone, including those using assistive technologies. Our interview processes are flexible and inclusive, with trained interviewers who create a welcoming environment for all candidates.

Supporting Career Development

We support employees with disabilities throughout their careers by offering mentorship, training, and skill-building opportunities that align with their aspirations. Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), like our own Abilityforce, provide a space for employees with disabilities and their allies to connect and support one another.

Inclusive Business Strategies

We include employees with disabilities in our business strategies from the start, ensuring their perspectives help shape our products and services. This approach not only fosters innovation but also expands our market reach by addressing the needs of a significant customer segment.

Accountability and Allyship

Accountability is crucial. We hold ourselves to the promises we make and continuously seek to improve our DEI practices. Allyship is an ongoing journey, and we commit to being allies year-round, not just during awareness months.

In this annual update, we celebrate our achievements, acknowledge areas where improvement is needed, and reaffirm our enduring dedication to equality for all. We believe every business should serve as a catalyst for positive change, which is why equality remains one of our fundamental values. We are devoted to upholding the equality and dignity of every individual.

Thank you for your continued support and commitment to making our industry and world more inclusive and equitable.